InfraStrategies LLC


InfraStrategies is a global advisory and management consultancy focused on infrastructure project development and advocacy; program and project management; organizational strategy; funding, finance, and project delivery; public-private partnerships; and federal, state, and local initiatives in transport and infrastructure project development.

InfraStrategies was founded by several of the most respected and experienced professionals in the transportation and infrastructure industry, combining a unique and highly relevant array of skills and expertise in key technical and policy areas. The firm’s approach to providing advisory and program management services is based on expedient and flexible response to clients and partners in both the public and private sectors.  With increasing consolidation among large companies in planning, design, and construction, many agencies developing or rehabilitating critical infrastructure seek objective, credible, and non-conflicted advice and support in development and delivery of their projects and services.  InfraStrategies meets this need by providing exceptionally experienced people who partner with our clients to deliver expertise in project development and advocacy, infrastructure finance, innovative project delivery, and public-private partnerships.