DC Smart Street Lighting Project

Plenary Americas & Ashurst

The $309m project is the District’s first-ever P3 and is considered the nation’s largest urban streetlight modernization project using the P3 model. It is also the first streetlighting P3 project to make use of tax-exempt, private activity bond financing. It will convert the District’s more than 75,000 street and alley lights to energy-efficient LED technology with remote monitoring and control capabilities. This modern infrastructure will reduce the lights’ energy usage by more than 50%, eliminate 38,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year and extend Wi-Fi coverage in traditionally underserved neighborhoods. A community focused approach has been adopted by the partners, engaging District residents, business owners, and the public. These stakeholders include the District’s Streetlight Advisory Panel, a group of mayoral appointed community representatives, as well as Advisory Neighborhood Councils, which will have opportunities to provide input. The installation of wireless access points will increase digital equity and empower residents.