iNova Dutra Project

Agência Nacional de Transportes Terrestres - ANTT

The road system of BR-116/101/RJ/SP connects the two largest metropolitan regions in the country (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). It is also the main link between the Northeast and the South of the country and has the highest daily traffic volume in Brazil. The total length of the segment comprises 625.8km. The project includes a new regulatory model recommended by the IFC, which goes beyond the requirements of national legislation and includes the Zero Carbon Program, which aims to neutralize 90 tons of carbon emissions related to the 30-year concession. The scheme used a hybrid auction model, which imposes a limit on aggressive tariff discounts, prevents the destruction of cash flow generation throughout the concession and ensures the financial sustainability of the contract. It also looks to future-proof the technology used, with high technical requirements such as LED lighting and the availability of WiFi for user communications.