P3 Schools Bundle 2 Project

Concert Infrastructure

The project requires the partner to design, build, finance, and maintain five new high schools (including the largest in Alberta’s history) in four different municipalities for five separate school jurisdictions. According to the province’s value for money report, using a P3 model to deliver the project instead of other traditional delivery models has saved taxpayers $114.5m. The project effectively shared key risks between the parties, with the province retaining those related to each site’s zoning, development permit and servicing risks. Strong collaboration was achieved between the private partner and each school jurisdiction, enabling them to support the ongoing design and development process. The partner has delivered standardized school classroom sizing, while enabling flexibility using operable room partitions, with careful consideration of acoustics. In the long term, the schools can adapt through use of movable partitions, redundancy in M&E systems, flexible learning spaces and other design features.